Facilities Services

What are Facilities Services?

Together with related utilities, maintenance, supplies, mail room, conference and meeting room, copying and print services, these support services allow client organizations to focus on their core business and help to maximize value and increase workplace productivity. Here are our service offerings: 

Central Receiving and Distribution (CR&D)

As the central intake hub for everything from FedEx and UPS packages and freight to equipment receipt and processing inbound supply orders, our CR&D services help support your entire organization by managing the entire logistics process including receiving, logging and delivery of items to your end user community. For quality purposes, MCP inspects your inbound shipments for any visible signs of damage and can keep you safe by deploying Xray scanning and mail screening technologies to detect any potentially harmful biochemical agents, prior to delivery to buildings and people. Once items are ready for delivery, you will receive an automated email notification that your shipment is ready for delivery or pickup. 

Shipping & Warehouse Management

MCP offers shipping expertise and professional guidance for all your domestic and international shipments including address labelling, packing materials, crating, palletization, and hazardous materials movement in support of all your logistics needs. MCP’s integrated technology platform tools enable our operations team to manage the entire logistics process from outbound shipping anywhere in the world, to local distribution by regional carriers, to warehouse management and fulfillment services. The result is streamlined warehouse processes and cost-efficient shipping that helps to reduce your overall operating costs and improve end-user customer satisfaction.  

Concierge & Conference Room Support

Our facilities and office services teams provide a turnkey solution for your internal or virtual meetings, including complete audio/video setup arranging food and beverage and full catering services, concierge resources for boardroom meetings, reservations and special transportation requests, printing services for reports, and presentation materials. MCP can also deliver meeting supplies, such as whiteboard markers pens, paper, and even handle mail distribution and package delivery for your remote workers and high-travel executives. 

Guest Reception Services

We make your guest check in process fast and easy, with registration software that enables visitor self-check-in, guest arrival alerts, and automated kiosks for guest badge printing. For that personal touch, MCP can also provide receptionist resources to provide unique customer experiences during guest entry (intake?). 

Asset & Inventory Management

Let MCP manage your hardware and software assets. We can manage your assets and improve inventory controls right from the desktop using proprietary software that provides data dashboards for printers, vehicle fleets, computers, and other high-value equipment assets that you lease or own. 

Courier Services

MCP offers regularly scheduled courier services to support local deliveries for client operations. Our couriers are dedicated to putting the power of logistics to work for you, with local logistics solutions designed to get your items delivered safely and timely at every turn.