Meet us at the Global Security Exchange GSX Expo – September 12-24, 2022

Come by the MCP Booth #2452 to hear more about our Secure Mail and Logistics Handling Service. Meet the team at MCP and our partners at RaySecur to find out more on how to secure your facilities and protect your employees against “physical” (mail and package) threats that may arrive at your workplace.

Why MCP and RaySecur?

MCP manages mail and central receiving operations across North America where we provide staff and screening (x-Ray, biohazard, and biochemical) technologies that help keep client facilities safe from harmful agents that may come through the USPS, FedEx, UPS, or other carriers. At these sites, our mailroom, central receiving, and warehouse staff work in concert with facilities and security leaders to help mitigate risk and protect everyone at the facility (administrative staff, middle management, VP’s, and CEO/CFO’s) who receive mail and packages from any harmful packages or mail borne attacks. As strategic partners, MCP’s BPO expertise, management and labor offerings are supported by RaySecur’s leading-edge MailSecur™ screening technology, certified by The United States Department of Homeland Security (DHS), best practice operating procedures, solid employee training and a back-end EOD monitoring service that is world-class. Together, we offer a turnkey solution that keeps people and buildings safe.

2021 Annual Mail Threat Report

In 2021, several hundred mail-borne threat incidents became public knowledge. RaySecur provides mail screening technology and compiles data on these threats to provide security leaders with actionable insights to help inform effective security strategies. The attached report (2021 Annual Mail Threat Report) presents an analysis of the publicly known mail-borne attacks in 2021, within the broader context of official USPIS and ATF historical statistics. In this report, RaySecur unveils its latest mail security findings which contain valuable insights for use by Corporate, Government and Educational facilities and security teams.


MCP Secure Mail & Packages Platform

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